The success of everything we engage in depends on our willingness to keep the important truths at heart and practice them.

I believe these 10 truths are important for us as married couples.

1. Children are not the most important people in marriage.

Guess you are shocked by this statement. Well, you can disagree with me but I believe this is one of the reasons for some marriages not working.

Listen!! Children are just long-staying guests in our marital homes. They will eventually leave.

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That six-bedroom house you want to build so each of them will have a room to themselves, they will eventually leave them empty.

The cracks that led to the collapse of some marriages started when they started having children.

Children determine what food should be eaten in most homes.

Sex for some couples reduced drastically when they were blessed with children leaving the weaker spouse tempted to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Dear married man , your wife is the most important person in the marriage.

Dear married woman, your husband is the most important person in the marriage.

Don’t give more attention to your children than you do to your spouse. Your children must observe from an early age that their parents love themselves too much.

You hardly buy gifts for your spouse. Your children on the other hand are always receiving gifts from you.

You can play with your children but not with your spouse.

I get very alarmed when I hear singles make statements like “ When anything happens in my marriage I will carry my children and leave “.

I can assure you that your marriage will not last with such a mindset.

I had the desire to get married at an early age so that if we are blessed with children they will grow and leave the house when my wife and I are still strong to enjoy ourselves more.

If you have the privilege of having trusted people around, learn to lock yourselves in the room. Go on a lot of vacations together.

Smart couples don’t share their bed with their children. What is your 4 year old still doing on your bed?

If you don’t enjoy your spouse, another will enjoy him/her on your behalf.

Let us learn to love ourselves very much as couples.

We have a vow of love to keep.
An example to show our children.
An opportunity to be happy in our marriage.

I love my wife, Vera Bannerman.

I pray we enjoy our marriages in the name of Jesus.

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