In my 10 years as a Christian, I have identified 10 reasons why believers, who are purchased with the blood of Christ (Acts 20:28), do not read their own Bible they have on their bookshelf. These reasons may sound very convincing but they are not acceptable because no amount of excuses can validate why we do not make time to read the most important book on earth that transform people, nations and culture.

In 2 Kings 22-23, we find out that when the book of the law which was so neglected by the people of God was found in the temple, it caused repentance and restored true worship of God.

A false worship of God is deeply rooted in lack of Bible reading, studying and application.

Below are 10 common reasons why people do not read their own Bible:

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The first reason people offer for not reading the Bible is that they do not have time. But they definitely have time to read all the news bites and listen to radio and watch movies for hours. According to Pastor Mensa Otabil, the value we place on something is determined by the time, money, and energy we put into it. If we say the Bible is the most important book in our life, then it must reflect in our time. All of us struggle to make all the time to read the Bible but we still make time to read anyway. American leadership expert Robbin Sharma said that what does not get scheduled does not get done. Schedule it and read!


The next reason why people say they do not read the Bible is because they cannot relate to the people, culture and places of the Bible story. Yes, that’s true but you still read story books by English authors without blinking an eye even though it’s a foreign culture and people. There is something wrong somewhere. The story of the Bible is very simple to grasp. It’s about God saving humanity from sin and establish His kingdom. The theme of the Bible is so straight and clear even though a deeper understanding requires diligent studies. It is very related to us because the Bible tells the human story of depravity and the perfect solution to cure it.


Some other people accuse the Bible of being hard to understand, hence their refusal to read. Well, what do you do if you had to write a paper you do not understand? Surely, you will get the best student in that course to help you understand.

Christianity is a community of helpers with a common goal to edify each other.

If you don’t get it, ask for help. Not reading it will not solve your not understanding it. The Bible is comprehensible therefore do not complicate it in your mind before you even touch it to read it.


In his interview with, satirist and TV host KSM, said that he is not religious but spiritual. Meaning he does not believe in organised religion like Christianity and most definitely the Bible which has many contradictions. From his argument, it means that some people do not read the Bible because they find it as a religious book and sadly so for some believers as well. They think the Bible is full of dos and donts that take away our human liberty to have our way. The Bible is far from that. Hebrews 4:12 says that the Word of God is living and active. It is a living Word and not a dead religious book.


Other people have the belief that the Bible containing 66 books is too big for them to consume all its contents therefore they don’t read it. How interesting! I have seen people who are Christians who can devour the most voluminous fiction books in town in no time but they have never read the Bible from cover to cover before. When we were children, they used to tell us that when  you read the whole Bible you will go mad. Absolutely false! I guess by now my good friend who reads the Bible from cover to cover every month of the year would have been in the asylum.

The Bible


Some Christians say that the reason why they don’t read the Word of God is because it is boring. Yet they can read the newspapers and magazines of stories of dead and living men. They read the sports news every single day not understanding how the stars make their millions but it still excites them.

You can never be a Christian and find the Bible boring.

How can the story of Abraham becoming a blessing to all humanity be boring? How can 12 ordinary men who turned cities upside down be boring? The Bible is the most interesting book telling the whole human story in intriguing phases.


For some people, they claim that because they cannot accept or better still agree with all the teachings of the Bible, they read what suite them. Very dangerous admission.

You cannot accept God and reject His Word. That amount to rejecting Him.

God and His Word are the same. He said that He has put His Word above His name. Paul writing in 2 Timothy 3:16 said that all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for equipping the man of God for good works. Probably, the reason why you are not equipped is because you keep selecting what suite you. The Bible cuts where it hurts but it also repairs.


Again, a lot of people do not read the Bible because they claim they do not know where to start. Amazing! Start anyway! Take one step at a time and you will cover the whole book. For every level of Christian living, there are possible recommendations available for you to start somewhere and move on. In any case, wherever you start, you will still get to the final destination.


A more interesting reason people give is that the Bible was written by white men to dominate the rest of the world so they have no interest in it but will rather just be Christians observing their spirituality. How pathetic! Firstly, never forget that the Author of the Bible is God. He inspired men to coauthor the Bible. Secondly, the original manuscripts of the Bible written in Hebrew and Greek were translated into English and other languages for people to easily read. The Bible is not a white man’s book for black people. It is the Word of God for all men. Not reading it will mean that you will live by general revelation found in creation that is very limited to explain all the revealed glory of God and what He intends to do.


Finally, some people find the Bible as an outdated book that does not relate to present reality and issues of life. They think it was good for the first century but not us. They think time changes and the Bible cannot catch up. They want us to believe that it must be put in the museum and not allowed to walk in our streets, homes and communities. The Bible is not outdated. It’s living book written by God Himself. Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word will not. It is the most updated current book of all books

The Bible is not just another book to have it and be gathering dust in your room. It must be life touching life. It is the very Word of God that is authoritative, powerful, and creative. Hebrews 11:3 says that the worlds were framed by the Word of God.

A neglect of reading the word due to self-imposed excuses will deprive us of its power and might to conquer every hard issues in our life.

by Eric Otchere

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