In a post sighted by the man of God was passionately advising pastors to guard their hearts against certain people in life.

He wrote…

Many pastors are living in bitterness and offenses because of their encounters with certain people. One of the conclusions a pastor must come to is “that trusting people by words of mouth can easily lead to depression “

You must be careful with these 5 groups of people if you want to keep your heart safe and mind sound for a long impactful ministry.

1) The Loud Promise Makers: you see the people who encounter your ministry for the first time and start making big promises, “Na Them”. They are part of the reason God said “cursed be the person who puts his/her trust in man”.

They are like a man who makes big promises because of “the sexual satisfaction they are receiving from a woman”, when the sexual escapade is over they will forget about all the promises they made.

They make promises like:
“ Please stop raising the funds for this project I will pay everything, “
“ I will build an auditorium for this ministry when this deal goes through”
“ Pastor go and window shop your favorite car and house, I am buying them for you this year “

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Runaway from such people. That is what some of them even do from one church to another.

Please and please, don’t draw your ministry’s budget on such people. They will make your heart sick.

If they are making such promises in front of the congregation, take your microphone from them before they create mistrust between you and the members.

Better still announce to the church in his/her presence that when they redeem their promises they will testify in like manner.

In my few years in ministry, I have observed that about 95% of those who will mightily support you and the church are not given to promises. They will even do things for you and the church without revealing their identity.

As a principle in life, don’t set your heart on people who start making plenty of promises at the first encounter with you. Until they prove themselves don’t set your hopes on them.

God bless everyone who contributes towards kingdom work and those with a genuine desire of becoming kingdom financiers.

by Vincent Bannerman

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