“What do men really want?”

This question has been asked since the beginning of time and it will be asked till the end of time.

The thing is, not all men are alike! They all have different interests, emotions, needs, and goals.

However, when it comes to the core of who they are as a man, they all have some basic needs that they share in common!

One common trait that most men have is that they do not like to express all their feelings and emotions – especially in the beginning of a relationship. (Again, some do, but many don’t)

This leaves women always wondering, “What do they really want? And what do they NEED to be happy?”

First of all, it is NOT your responsibility to fix him or pour your whole life into making him happy. That’s an impossible task.

But if you know his needs and inner desires, it can make for a much happier and contented relationship. (Just like it is his responsibility to “learn” you and what makes you happy.)

Below are 7 things men want from women, but will rarely ask for (especially in the beginning)!

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We live in a time where women often initiate dates and relationships. This works well for some relationships.

But sit back and take a good look at men’s natures since the beginning of time.

They are natural-born hunters and they love the thrill of the chase!

Yes, yes…women can enjoy it too. But men have a passion for the pursuit, the hunt, the chase. And at the end, there is a really big PRIZE!

Girlfriend, this isn’t sexist or chauvinistic! YOU ARE A PRIZE that deserves to be won!

And since it is in his nature to pursue something that he sees as valuable, let him!

Don’t play hard to get. You don’t want to discourage his pursuit of you (if he is a good man).

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Respond to his efforts in a positive way. Put effort into making things work, but don’t force things to move forward quickly.

If you two are meant to be together, he will make sure it happens!

Side Note: Some women may think that this advice is outdated. But statistics, studies, and poll results back this up every single time. Men want to pursue.


You can be 100% independent, confident and self-sufficient and still show someone you need them.

A man wants you to accept his help! He wants to feel needed by you.

No, you don’t have to be the damsel in distress. But he wants to show you some good, old-fashioned chivalry!

He wants to be there for you and make your life easier. Let him open your door, pay for a meal, and carry your bag if he offers!

Sure you can do these things for yourself, but let him show his affection for you through his actions. It’s often a much bigger deal to him than you realize.

You can make him feel needed in so many ways! Once you’ve been together long enough, hold his hand and snuggle up close to his arm. Let him know that you value his protection and his presence in your life.

And y’know what, at some point, you can even say, “I NEED you!” Because if he is “The One”, life without him would be no life at all.


First of all, respect is EARNED. It is not deserved just because someone is being nice to you.

Respect is one of a man’s greatest needs and desires.

Nothing cuts a man to his core like someone belittling him, disapproving of him, and taking him for granted.

This leaves him feeling unconfident in himself and grossly unappreciated by you.

Honest admiration energizes him, fills him with contentment, and motivates him to accomplish more.

Men gravitate towards the people who show them respect and admiration. If this person is not you, he will find it elsewhere.

As a man senses your respect, he will start trusting you with his emotions.

If he isn’t worth respecting, move on because your relationship will never be successful.

But if you can respect him for who he is, he will be a very happy man because you are giving him respect – something that money or status can’t buy!


Alone time is invaluable to the success of a relationship!

You can be the best of friends and still NEED to be apart sometimes.

Don’t make him feel guilty for needing some time alone, without you. It is a very healthy part of your love life!

Spending all of your time together can eventually cause tension and even boredom!

Encourage him to go out with his friends! Encourage him to continue pursuing his hobby.

He doesn’t want to make you feel bad when he doesn’t want to hang out or be around you all the time.

It’s OK, so encourage it to happen.


Most men will probably never ask you for a compliment because it makes them sound needy or egotistical.

But he wants you to notice him and his efforts so badly!

Men rarely want to show their insecurities because they don’t want to look weak! But a genuine compliment will go a long way!

Tell him he’s handsome! Let him know that you believe in his dreams. List specific things you appreciate about him and character traits that you admire. Verbalize your appreciation for the LITTLE things that he does every day.

It will fill him with so much satisfaction and make him feel very loved by you.


There is a reason that most best-selling books about relationships mention this!

This is not a negative stereotype! It is a real thing and it happens all the time!

If it is a big deal for your man to do something a certain way or you have a need that isn’t being fulfilled, tell him.

Many women have an ability to “sense” situations because they are more in touch with the feelings of others.

Men, on the other hand, are notorious for being “black and white”. “Well, if they wanted something, they should have told me!”

If you really want something, tell him your thoughts. If there is something that he does that makes you insecure, tell him. If there is something that he NEVER does, but you really want, tell him!

Otherwise, it will probably never happen. He wants you to tell him what you are thinking!


This isn’t contradicting point #1 – let him pursue you.

After you are “a thing” and you are in regular contact with each other, he wants you to initiate contact too!

Men have a very real fear of rejection and they want to be secure in the fact that you WANT to be with them.

You can text, call, plan a date, or kiss him! Show him you are confident in the relationship and you love being with him.

Don’t place all the “initiation and contact” pressure on him. Once you are together, take the lead sometimes! He’ll appreciate it and feel needed.

The Girl Mind.

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