Today, the spotlight is on Emmanuel Batame.
Emmanuel is a former student of Takoradi Senior High School and an immediate past student of the prestigious University of Ghana, Legon.

As a young student in Takoradi Senior High School, Emmanuel faced some of the biggest challenges that confronted his peers.
He was confronted with arduous tasks like
1. Attempting to identify your true passion
2. Making the right choices that can help one to develop that passion
3. Capitalizing on that passion to build a future that one can be proud of.

Luckily for him, he met teachers and in fact mentors who were properly positioned to help him rediscover his true self as well as develop his true passion.

Per, the mentorship he enjoyed, Emmanuel was able to identify the very University and in fact program of study that best suited him.

At the University level, Emmanuel enjoyed every bit of the programs and activities he subscribed to. It was definitely not easy though.

Opportunities presented itself and Emmanuel became the 27th President of UG Geography Students association and the 1st Youthmappers President.

As the President of both the UG Geography students Association and the Youthmappers ,he benefitted from a great stock of knowledge and equally left his mark in the department of Geography.

This story reaffirms our belief that the right mentorship can go a long way to help these young ones become the best versions of themselves.

May these stories inspire others.

The Young Ones are our future.
Indeed, The Young Ones Matter

By Richmond Nyamekye

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