Car logos are everywhere. Some car brand logos are incredibly straightforward—a letterform or a pattern—and some are more complex.

Car logos sometimes have hidden meanings or special significance to the car manufacturers.

Here is our list of the meanings of common car brand logos.

Audi Logo Meaning – Audi cars of the four rings logo, representing the four pre-merger companies. These companies have a manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles and small passenger cars. The company was originally a merger of four companies, so each ring is a symbol of one of the companies.

Mercedes-Benz Logo Meaning – Apply for Daimler company registered in June 1909 pointed star as a car flag, the symbol of landing on water and air mechanization. Coupled with a circle around it in 1916, set with four small stars in the top of the circle, the following Mercedes “Mercedes” word. “Mercedes” is the meaning of happiness, meaning Daimler’s production of car owners who will bring happiness.

Volkswagen Logo Meaning – Volkswagen automobile company in German the Volks Wagenwerk, intended for public use vehicles, marking the VW for the full name the first letter. Signs such as by three with the middle finger and index finger to make the “V”, said the public company and its products win-win-win

Toyota Logo Meaning – Toyota’s three oval logos are from early 1990. Large oval logo on behalf of the Earth, in the middle by a vertical combination of two ellipses into a T-word, on behalf of Toyota.

It is a symbol of Toyota is based on the future, confidence in the future and ambition, but also a symbol of Toyota is based on the customer, the customer guarantees, a symbol of the user’s heart and the heart of the automotive manufacturers are linked to a sense of mutual trust, Yu said Toyota’s superior technology and innovative potential.

Ford Logo Meaning – Ford logo Ford English Ford “blue-white. As founder Henry Ford, like small animals, so the logo designers Ford English painting into a pattern of small white rabbit look like.

BMW Logo Meaning – BMW logo middle, on behalf of blue sky, white clouds and stop rotating propellers, Yu said a long history of BMW origins, a symbol of the company’s leading position in the aero-engine technology, but also a symbol of the company has always The aims and objectives: in the vast space, with advanced technical skills, the latest concept to meet customer wishes, reflecting the vigorous momentum and the new face of the ever-changing.

Rolls-Royce Logo Meaning – Rolls-Royce Rawls · Luolao, Lewis Automotive logo two “R” overlap, a symbol of you have me, I have you, reflect both harmony and harmonious relationship.

Lawers Laois logo In addition to the double R, the famous trapeze signs. This flag is an idea taken from the corridors of the Louvre in Paris art statue of the goddess of victory in two thousand years of history, she was a dignified and noble figure of the artists to produce a source of passion. When automotive art guru Charles Sykes was invited to the Rolls-Lo Lewis Motor Company design marks, a goddess-like etched in his mind immediately makes him produce inspiration. So an arm stretched to the Goddess of the body with a veil floating in the air.

Ferrari Logo Meaning – Ferrari logo is a leaping horse. In the First World War, Italy has a performance very good pilot; his aircraft had this one will bring him good luck in the Yamaha. In the first Ferrari racing after winning the pilot’s parents – a pair of Earl couple suggestions: Ferrari should also be in the car printed on this horse, bring good luck in the Yamaha. The pilot was killed, the horse became a black color; the logo background color of Modena canary.

Peugeot Logo Meaning – Peugeot Automobile Company, the predecessor of the Peugeot family, brothers Pierre in the early 19th century opened a production of the see-saw, spring, and other iron tools, small workshops. These iron products, the trademark is a mighty lion, it is a sign of the company is located Frendo repair Kundi province, invincible metaphorical. Reflects the three major advantages: Peugeot see-saw hardened wear-resistant serrated teeth like a lion, saw themselves as the backbone of the Lions flexible, see-saw performance like a lion to the unimpeded.

In 1890, a Peugeot car, to show that it’s high-quality, the company decided to still follow the “lion” trademark.

Bentley Logo Meaning – Walter Owen Bentley in 1919 produced the first one, four-cylinder racing car with a badge, the above is a pair of hawk wings surrounded by Bentley at the beginning of the letter “B”. Four-cylinder car is no longer in production, while “B” word badge is still the symbol of Bentley. Bentley’s car logo is based on the company name the first letter of the “B” as the main body to give birth to a pair of wings, like volley soaring eagle, the logo still in use.

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