Tagoe Sisters was and arguably is, still the synonym for Gospel music in Ghana.

The identical twins, since bursting onto the music scene decades ago, have serenaded Ghanaians, both home and abroad with their soul inspiring music according to the gospel of God.

The duo, real names; Lydia Dedei Tagoe (Now Mrs. Yawson) and Elizabeth Korkoi Tagoe were born to Mr Hammond Ayikwei Tagoe of Korle-Wokon, a suburb of Accra and Theresa Aidoo of Dunkwa-on-Offin in the Central Region on July 27, in the 60s. Their names presuppose that they are Gãs, just like moi.

You can say fame has many friends…. Haha!

From birth (Outdooring/baptism ceremonies), through adulthood (Confirmation parties), Marriage (Wedding receptions) and death (Funeral receptions), their songs reigned/s supreme. The lyrics are such that they make you forget your troubles, even if momentarily.

On Friday, October 1, Joy Entertainment honours this Gospel music legends.

To join in celebrating these song birds, 32 titles of their songs have been pieced together in a testimony of the goodness of God and His son Jesus.

Here you are:

The Lawyer ‘(Okamafo) Jesus’, you are very valuable (Osombo).

But for you, I would be walking around in tatters (Anka Matete). However, because you exist, I will never be disgraced (Menim rengu ase da). Indeed, you are ‘(Wo ye) Jesus’.

In fact, it is because we know we have God (Ye wo Nyame) and your continues presence in our lives that we believe we are victorious (Ye di nkunim).

You deserve to be praised (Ayeyi sewo). Because of you, I have no doubt that these prevailing troubles will end (Eto betwa) soon. And I will be comforted (Makoma ato me yem). This I know, because you are very merciful (Wayemye dooso).

‘Fire of favour’, I believe that ‘everybody ought to know’ that you have paid my debt (Wa tua maka).

Lord Jesus, help me (Boa me), ‘Sweep over me’, let me hide myself in your strong tower (Abandenden).

Fellow Christians, the God who created heaven and Earth (Nyame a obo soro ne asaase), cast all your burdens onto him (Fa bibiiara manu).

Dear friend, I have Jesus (Menya Yesu). You can also look up to him ‘(Dan wo ani kyere) Jesus’, because he is sharing (Ore kyekyɛ) the grace of God.

Beloved, you deserve (Wo fata) this grace too.  So get closer and enjoy Jesus’s love (Yesu do).

Jesus has made me a royal (Yesu aye me odehye), so believe and Jesus will do it for you (Yesu beye ama wo) too.

Though life may be full of storms (Obra asorkye), I know God is great (Nyame yɛ kɛse). With him as my refuge (Akokyem), there is nothing to worry about.

Fellow Ghanaians, you are blessed (Ye hyira wo), and so am I. I will therefore bless him (hyira no) every day of your life, and ask Him to, ‘Stay in my heart’.


Let God Lead. Follow Him directly, not through any human.

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