Eight years ago,exactly on this day Cross Gates MINISTRIES was born. A gathering of five people with me as the pastor in the porch was how God started this great work.

Within these years God has been faithful. We have seen betrayals,church break, backstabbing and the like but God has been too faithful to the vision he showed me on the mountain in the glaring presence of the cloud of witnesses and his angels.

From those five people,we are now in Togo and Kenya with a great work happening there also. We currently broadcast live in twenty six(26) nations of the world.

We have seen souls won through crusades and our churches,we have seen students come to Christ to mention a few! He has beautified us with HIS GLORY and FAITHFULNESS.

On this day i celebrate those who started with me Delian Prince,Lishem Adjin-Tetteh. I celebrate the pastorate and leadership of the church,i celebrate all church workers who have contributed to where we find ourselves today.

I cannot mention every single person in one post but the God who sees and knows all will honor you.God bless you richly for your prayers and commitments.

Father we are grateful for all you have done.CROSS GATES MINISTRIES;Raising ministers to serve posterity.#CGM#CHAM

By Prophet Courage Heavens

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