When a minister of the gospel has the wisdom of a serpent, he will be able to live without needing much. You either have the spirit of contentment or the spirit of the world! When you have the spirit of the world, you are full of grasping desires for what everyone else has.

Discontentment is an open door for satan to tempt you. God has chosen to give you certain things and has also chosen to withhold certain things from you. (Psalm 47:2-4)

God’s command to us is to have a spirit of contentment.When you have the spirit of contentment, the desire for all these things goes and your love is turned towards the Lord.

You set your affections on things above and desire the will and the presence of God more than anything else.

Bishop Dag is an Evangelist, Best-selling Author, Founder & Presiding Bishop of the UD-OLGC

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