– Founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, has indicated that a mentally ill man got healed after putting on his clothes – According to the Christian leader, the mentally disabled man was wadding people off from defacing his crusade posters – This moved the pastor to give the man his attire and also some money, only for the man to come to his church days later with a testimony.

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Dr Lawrence Tetteh, the founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, has narrated how a man who was mentally disabled became normal after putting on his clothes. In a report filed on this by Pulse.com.gh, the renowned Ghanaian Christian leader said that it all began when he was in traffic one afternoon and the man approached him to say he had beaten up another man with a mental disability.

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According to the man, the other person had wanted to tear some crusade posters belonging to the pastor, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, for which reason he decided to punish the culprit.

Dr Tetteh, after confirming from the people around that this was true, gave the gentleman GHc 20. Whilst on the return journey, the pastor said he saw the man with clenched hands, protecting the posters. That day, which was a Thursday, Dr Tetteh was moved to give the gentleman one of his clothes. The following Sunday, Dr Lawrence indicates that the man came to the church to narrate a miracle that happened in his life.

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These were his words: “When the man came, I realised he was wearing my attire and my shoes. ‘I know these shoes and attire; so, what is it?’ He [mad man] said: ‘I was the mad man you met on Thursday; when I put on your clothes, I became healed”.

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