Life in itself is a mystery as no one can predict what will happen in the next seconds. For one can be smiling now and within a blink, sorrows will be next as in the case of Gospel musician Onyameba Betty.

Dr Sonnie Badu upon watching one of her videos was moved by God to support Onyameba Betty.

Dr. Badu contacted one of his Lawyer friends in Virginia (USA) to adopt and care for Onyameba Betty as sighted in a video by

Onyameba Betty wasn’t born with crutches neither wheelchair, but the uncertainties surrounding life has made the unfortunate possible. Thus, Onyameba Betty can only move via wheelchair.

Betty had an accident on her way back home after one of her church performances, in an interview at Hello FM in Kumasi she said…..

“I have been on so many shows, sang in churches and other places which I sometimes travel. On one of my trips after performing I had a terrible accident on my way back home, as of the cause of the accident nobody knew how but I only remember I couldn’t see clearly anymore but voices of people shouting and shouting and shouting till I could not hear a thing.

“When I woke up, I was in the hospital with my legs bandaged and hanged up in the air. I was shocked and surprised so I started asking questions upon questions till the doctor told me he had no option than to cut off my legs because of torn and damaged they are.

“Few months after I came back home but in a wheelchair, friends and loved ones rejected me because of my condition so I cried nights and nights, mornings and mornings till I decided to take my life.

“I heard some voice that told me that do I know why my legs had to be taken? I was still not accepting the fact that I couldn’t do the things I used to do before, can’t even stand in the mirror and turn up to see my beautiful body again, then the voice kept coming and coming till I was encouraged that even without my legs I could still sing but this time my life will be a living testimony to others”.

“She added that, indeed her legs are off though but she do not regret it ever taken because of how God has blessed her in another way, where she has featured Gospel stars in her songs”.

Watch what Dr. Sonnie Badu and his Lawyer friend said to Onyameba Betty in the video.

Watch Onyameba Betty in one of her performances on stage.

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