Blessed Angel, a community health nurse in Ghana fell victim to a bad road whilst on her way to deliver emergency service – Interestingly, despite the fact that she fell badly, Angel indicates that she was still able to save a life in the process – Ghanaians have been pouring out their hearts regarding this story with many people reminding authorities to fix the country .Read more Caregiver Caught on CCTV Killing 11-Month-old baby with food; sad Video Drops

A hardworking Ghanaian community health nurse identified on Facebook as Blessed Angel has shared how she fell from a motorbike into mud whilst trying to save an emergency situation. In a post on her personal handle, Blessed Angel indicated that despite the situation that was caused by bad roads, she was able to accomplish her mission.

In another post on her Twitter handle, she revealed that the fall itself did not matter to her as much as the thought that she was able to save a life in the end. Read More Twene Jonas: Why US-based Ghanaian has been trending on social media

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See twitter post below

Lots of Ghanaians have used the occasion to express their thoughts on the bad systems Ghana has and how they must be fixed whilst others hailed the health worker for her service. A.R. Sewornu said: Sad! God bless your determination. This country needs fixing that’s why I support the #fixthecountryghana and #fixthecountrynow campaigns

Lsaiah Awumee told Angel: Never be discouraged. Keep sowing though in tears. Harvest season will soon come full of joy. Service to mankind service to God with the best reward. More grace for you to do more !

Tsorli Cofie Ed pointed out that: That’s the IRONY of the whole situation in the motherland. You have fixed yourself laa.

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