Below are 24 life lessons i have learnt over the years. I believe you will be inspired by them.

  1. You cannot let your emotions dictate what you do (or don’t do ) that day.
  2. Change is always possible anytime at any moment.
  3. Self love and compassion are essential.
  4. Finding that balance between tough love and compassion is really difficult,but necessary.

5. Your mindset is also really important.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others.

7. Having an attitude of gratitude is a total game changer.

8. We attract what we believe and we have to believe in ourselves.

9. Set boundaries for yourself and keep them.

10. You cannot control what people feel about you or their reactions towards you.

11. Share your story with others even if its scary to.

12. You cannot change other people and they cannot change you.

13. Be mindful of who you take advice from.

14. Learn to love and embrace the love and rejections because they’re coming for you.

15. Giving yourself time to grow is one of the kindest things to do.

16. Be empowered to empower others

17. Sometimes you fall of course and it happens.

18. Your intiution knows the way and what to do next.

19. Apply what you learn

20. There is no one size that fit all.

21. It dosen’t matter if it’s already been done before,because it hasn’t been done by you.

22. Money mindset is real and its runs deep like the ocean.

23. Let God become your pillar in all you do

24. Love and treat people with respect.

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