The object of my governance propensity or proclivity is to transform as many youth as possible who are interested in entrepreneurship into smart entreprenuers and thus, being a source of motivation to drive others into chartering the same path.

I was glad on the 11th of September, 2020, when I had the opportunity to meet some innovative youth in Takoradi at a Startup Summit dubbed, “web technology and its potential in Takoradi’s entrepreneurship ecosystem to accelerate the creation of jobs”.

I delivered a short speech where I expressed my delight in the participants who were prepared to start their own businesses using digital technology, and to leverage on that to creates jobs, particularly, the type which will offer competitiveness needed to thrive in today’s ever dynamic business environment.

I recalled to the participants the need for them to be genius by being focused on solution oriented technological ventures. In furtherance of that, I admonished them to believe that everything is possible because as an advocate for youth development and pioneer of technological transformation in Takoradi, I brought the broadband internet to fusion in Takoradi, where I used that to operate E-Base Takoradi.

Therefore, I was very much delighted to have seen youth undergone technological training and business mentoring to commence their own businesses and also, pitched their businesses for incubation. So far, I have engaged thirty (30) young people willing to commence their own businesses in Takoradi, trained at ICODE and sixteen (16) of them are ready to be funded by me personally.

We seek to completely restructure, digitalize and expand the local economy to creates more sustainable jobs.

Source:Michael Kwame Owusu Zesty

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