1. Initiator of Ghana Technology University in Takoradi
  2. Free vacation classes for 10years and going
  3. Scholarships for over a 1000 beneficiaries in Takoradi
  4. Cocobod Jobs, Port expansion jobs, WAMCO Jobs, GES jobs, NABCO, Youth in Afforestation, etc. for the youth.
  5. Incubation Centre in Takoradi to train entrepreneurs and help them establish their businesses.
  6. New Takoradi Youth center
  7. Amanful digital library
  8. New -Takoradi Vocational Technical Institute to train the youth in various practical skills that are in high demand.
  9. Tool packs for youth that have undergone various training programs.
  10. Community Parks
  11. Youth fund
  12. Frequently held football matches to foster unity among the youth and also to unearth some talented players.
  13. Fancy dress promotion
  14. Support for various youth groups within Takoradi


1.Small Loans for women business

  1. Investment in business hubs and young people business
    3.Young people summit
    4.Ghana Gold Expo
  2. Takoradi Startup summit.


  1. Kokompe Nurses quarters
  2. New -Takoradi Doctors and Nurses Quarters
  3. 60 Bed ward New – Takoradi
  4. Boreholes and polytanks in all major communities in Takoradi
  5. Poasi toilet project is ongoing.
    shell ase project project is also ongoing.
  6. 600 Waste dustbins constituency wide
  7. Distribtion of thousands of Veronica buckets, sanitizers and nose mask
  8. Health Screening programs
  9. Supported Thiusands of people to register for the Free NHIS.


  1. Islamic SHS city campus Takoradi
  2. Methodist Basic School Sawmill ( Storey building)
  3. Anglican JHS Essikafo Anbantem N0. 1
  4. Badu Bonso JHS New Takoradi (Started and completed the Top Floor)
  5. GSTS twelve unit classroom block
  6. Collins Avenue JHS
  7. New Takoradi Vocational Technical Institute.


  1. Amanful paved Road
  2. New Takoradi upper park
  3. Takoradi to New-Takoradi paved Road
  4. New Takoradi Ase and columbia asphalt Road construction
  5. Asphalt Overlays in Takoradi, zenith, Chapel Hill, Sawmill, kokompe etc.
  6. New Takoradi Regeneration project. Concreting lanes to prevent respiratory disease and upgrade the communities
  7. Concreting amanful east. Abatan drug store area
  8. Paving of Adakope Park
  9. New Takoradi event Centre near the sea defence
  10. Paved 31st compound at essikafo ambantem NO. 1
  11. Paved Market circle maame Kyi chop bar area
  12. Beach Road Park construction
  13. Sawmill Astro turf is ongoing.
  14. Ongoing kobby’s astro turf park at NO. 2
  15. Ongoing new takoradi storm drain construction
  16. Cold Store for fishmongers at Amanful main Spain

New projects

1.Market circle redevelopment

  1. PTC Interchange
  2. Double road – Takoradi-Sekondi
  3. Double road- Takoradi-Tarkwa
  4. Tuna factory New Takoradi
  5. GNPC operational Headquarters
  6. Takoradi Incubation center
    8.New Takoradi Youth Center

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