1. Don’t talk to many people about your problems. Many of them are not interested, and they do not have a solution. Telling many people about your difficult situation might erode your confidence and mental well-being in the sense that they might start mocking you with your difficult situation.

2. Accept that your actions are the only thing that can be controlled and with your actions, you will surely find a way to get out of the difficult situation.

3. Be aware that being in a difficult situation is part of life and part of self-development. See the difficult situation as an opportunity to grow and learn.

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4. Wake up every day appreciating the gift of life and read something positive. It could be a Bible or some of those motivational books.

5. Go solo, meditate a lot and journal, isolate yourself from the crowd and once again, share your problem only with trusted people that might lift you up again.

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When things get tough, you have to get tougher and remaining calm is one of the underrated traits. life itself is not meant to be easy, but you can make life easier by conquering your fears. Be strong.

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