You give them, you don’t tell any one, they give you they broadcast their giving . Fake friends.

Anyone who gives you a gift and broad cast it, if you hear about it return it to them or let them know you have heard about it.

Never accept a gift from that person again. They are back stabbers. They have already received their reward on Earth.

If you give and you don’t get blessed. Check your mouth. You are spreading the giving too much ,so you have already received your reward from the people you told.

It is not every gift you have to recieve, sometimes say No. Check the person giving and the way they talk about what they have given is the same way they will tell others of what they have given you.

If God says he’s broadcasting the breath he had given us, would he be done by now, looking at the number of people in the world.

God has billions of people, he keep serects, You just have few friends, every one knows what you do for them. It is ok. Shut up.

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