Today the young ones want to express their profound gratitude to the management of End Point Homeopathy Clinic for making time out of their busy schedule to mentor young ones who desire to understand their operations.

The students who had this rare opportunity came back with loads of knowledge that bother on the alternative approaches to treating patients suffering from stroke, diabetes, High Blood Pressure etc.

They equally had the opportunity to be mentored on how to use the very sophisticated machinery at your disposal.

You have really motivated and inspired these kids to pursue academic excellence . You have also helped them to better understand most of the things they learn in the classroom.

It is our prayer that other stakeholders join us in our fight to help the young ones
1. Rediscover their true self
2. Develop their latent skills and potentials
3. Link their passions to the available opportunities out there.

The young ones are indeed grateful for your unflinching supoort.
We say Ayekoooooooo

Source: The Young Ones Matters

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  • Ebenezer Dadzie

    1 year ago / Aug 27 @ 12:07 pm

    Wow! That’s great. God bless the management of End Point Homeopathy Clinic. God bless you leadership of The Young Ones Matters. Indeed we the young ones matter a lot

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