We can even agree with some who say that marriage is not achievement(but in another context it is). That means if you are privileged to be married don’t rub it in the faces of others or don’t stay in it if it is destroying you.

But it is also true that marriage is glorious.
It is the only institution that Christ compares the relationship with His church to.

Never belittle the marriage institution because of your negative experiences.

There is favor in godly marriages. Life is much sweeter when you have become one flesh with an amazing and godly person.

Happy marriages and homes makes a better society. Future generations are well shaped through such.

Marriage is beautiful.
Marriage is glorious.
Marriage is honorable.
Marriage is a good source of shelter.

I pray for everyone believing to be blessed with a godly marital spouse . May we be able to say that “ when given another chance I will still choose my spouse “ in the mighty name of Jesus.

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