Jesus taught us that it is only when something comes from within and from the heart that it has power. The power that comes from within you is the strong force that can do wonders in your life and ministry. It is what comes from within you that determines how powerful you may be.

All these evil things COME FROM WITHIN, AND DEFILE the man.” Mark 7:20-23 Work on your hidden internal thinking processes. Your negative thoughts reduce the power within you. A minister must work on his thoughts. Jesus said that the things that defile you come from inside.

Most aspects of righteousness are hidden. True righteousness is not easy to see because you cannot see the hearts and minds of people. You have to be strong internally so that God can anoint you!

Whatever represents a handicap or a disadvantage imposed on you, you are going to overcome it with ease!

Bishop Dag Heward – Mills is an Evangelist, Best-selling Author, Founder & Presiding Bishop of the UD-OLGC.

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