Hon. Kwasi Bonzoh DCE of Ellembelle District Assembly is the leader we can trust, the true essence of leadership is that you have a vision. Hon. Bonzoh K stands to be the best among the equals.

Honorable Kwasi Bonzoh, we as your loyalists say you don’t need a title to be a leader, you were born to be a leader and we will be proud of your hard work and selflessness. You were the choice of the President and also stand to be the choice of the Ghanaian Youth, especially in Ellembelle.

Let’s consider the prospect that our 29 years of political socialization and experience and limited knowledge of history might mean that we the Youth in Ellembelle aren’t best placed to know exactly how to run the youth and the role of the constituents or residents. You have been able to solve the cry of your constituents and have respected what they stand for.

Honorable Kwasi Bonzoh holding the affairs of the Ellembelle assembly as its District Chief Executive has made our District Assembly one of the best performing assemblies in Ghana.

Hon. Kwasi Bonzoh is a leader who leads and governs by example, not merely with words but with undebated actions. Making smart choices taking responsibility for the results, good or bad, are the mark of a true leader. We hail you 34K wah, you are a fantastic man of good substance, an embodiment of loyalty, hard work, selflessness, commitment, humility, compassion, love, and support.

We pray and hope you deliver excellently in making the President and Ellembelle proud and work again respectively.

As you begin another tenure as our District Chief Executive, we are hoping the first issue your administration tackles is restoring the lost public hope. As youth and residents in Ellembelle Constituency, we will work for hand in hand with party folks to bring and communicate developmental projects to light. In times like this, you are the leader we can trust to make the dream of Ellembelle achieved.

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