My name is Albert Oppan I’m generally an artist who had been working a few years ago with acrylics in creating impressive landscapes and abstract on canvas. I now use ballpoint as my medium of choice in executing realistic portrait drawings and I chose portrait art because of how best it portrays itself and the quality it carries that is memorializing an image of someone and also not forgetting how it displays the mood and the personality of the person.

My art captures merely the resemblance of an image with an approach of different techniques of shades.

Today I do most of my creative artwork from the western region of Ghana and sign my work under the artist name Albert Oppan.

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to Beaches which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because it is my passion. I specialize in Pen and I focus on nature and personality. I also enjoy working with no.

My art style is unique. I am motivated by culture. I have been creating art for 8 years. My favorite artist is Vince low and I find his works to be Amazing! Read Also Here Are The Senior High Schools with Nicest Uniforms

I connect with the art community by sharing my ideas. I intend for others to experience unity when they see my work. Read Also Meet 22-year-old UEW Student who Works as Vulcanizer to Fend for Herself

I tell people all the time on my wedding day, I didn’t borrow. – Rev Eastwood Anaba

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  • James

    1 year ago / Jul 19 @ 6:38 am

    God bless your work keep it up

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