Counselor Charlotte Oduro was hosted by Abeiku Santana on Okay FM. Speaking on some mistakes ladies make, she had this to say to our ladies who are raising their shoulders due to some sort of self fulfilment.

The outspoken Counselor advised ladies who are disrespectful to be mindful of their utterances to men and elderly people, because, some of the things they say today will go back against them in the future.

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Counselor Charlotte Oduro added that, she engaged so many ladies who ended up in an abusive relationships because they had to compromise since they got to a point where they needed a man desperately.

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“These days most ladies don’t respect at all. They speak any how to men when they gain a certain level of fame or education. They no longer want to ride with hustling men instead they want men who are already rich and comfortable. That’s why a lot of them are single. They don’t want to suffer with men.”

Source – cbgist

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