A lady has burst the bubble of many ladies who think and feel their boyfriends are under obligation to take care of their needs. Read more How to stay calm in difficult situations. – Wisdom writes

According to this lady, as far as her parents are around, she sees no reason why her boyfriend should be the one to take care of her needs. She maintained that her boyfriend is not expected to replace her parents and play their role simply because they are dating.

Providing an answer to a public query on what she thought about boyfriends who were somewhat mandated to take care of the girlfriends, the Knutsford University College student said she did not need her boyfriend to pay for her expenses as long as her parents were still alive. Read more The only way to preserve the coming generation is to train the children today. Rev. Faith Oyedepo

Her parents have the mandate to take care of her, not her boyfriend. This lady has intimated that relationships should not and never become money-making ventures.

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