A Takoradi man by the name of Mr Kofi Amoah in the midst of the “Kidnapped pregnant woman” saga has given an account of a similar issue he encountered with his former wife.

Speaking on Skyy Power 93.5FM’s Jolly Breakfast Show on Monday, September 27, Mr Amoah made it known in December 2015, symptoms and attitudinal changes from his then-wife he monitored was communicating that she was pregnant.

However, he could not confirm the pregnancy by mere signs and decided to take her wife to S.D.A Hospital in Takoradi to confirm whether she was truly pregnant. They could not detect any pregnancy which they gave her medicine to be taken for two weeks and return for another test.

According to Mr Amoah, he could not go along with his wife during the second visit to the hospital which the wife returned from the test claiming she had tested positive without any test results but he trusted his wife.

Also, his wife started going for antenatal care at a different hospital due to reasons only known to her but had nothing to prove for it including an antenatal card for records.

He said, “I have been seeing pregnant women who go for antenatal care with a card on TV, so I asked her where her’s was and claimed she has not been given one.”

“During that time, symptoms and her attitude were that of a pregnant woman, so I started to do all the house chores myself.”

He explained that his wife one day returned from antenatal without any drug which he asked why, her answer was that she was unable to purchase the medicine because she did not have enough money to do so. He then decided to accompany her to the hospital and purchase the drug.

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Mr Amoah claimed he became suspicious when his former wife upon reaching the hospital refused to enter and optioned for a different hospital.

He agreed and they went to a different hospital, and because she had no records and proof of being pregnant at the new hospital, they did further test to know her pregnancy status which came out negative, that was 3 months after faking going for antenatal care at the other hospital.

He informed his family members, particularly his mother and his sister who did not understand why the wife could play such a trick, however, she had initially informed them she was pregnant with twins.

Even though she had faked a pregnancy, it was not a big deal for Mr Amoah but later realised that her wife’s character was out of control, making him call for divorce.

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