In a post sighted by the founder and General overseer of Cross gate Ministries Prophet Courage A. Heavens was urging heads and founders of church ministries to treat their branch pastors and associates very well. In his post he wrote….

Being a general overseer is a privilege God has given a few people although many have also taken it upon themselves because they see the ‘honor ‘,and ‘respect’ that is given to them.

(There are many untold difficulties folk never see). With that said, never maltreat your associates and branch pastors!

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1. Don’t have many cars parked on your compound and allow these pastors to trek and suffer…it’s wicked!
2. Nobody goes to war at their own cost. Don’t send them to go start branches and not finance or cushion them. Will you do that to your son?

3. Don’t withhold good things from them under the guise of training them. If that is your principle,it must be applicable to your biological son also!

4. Those who laboured with you should be part of the success story when God blesses your church.
5. Don’t use a single error or mistake of an associate to cancel all the years of genuine and sincere labour! People make mistakes.

God is watching.

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