There is something sinister about the word ‘prison’. It automatically gives a picture of a dark, cold cell with terrible people: killers, rapists, thieves, and just about anyone who has been declared unfit to live freely with regular society. Whatever the truth may be, we must never forget one all-important thing;  prisoners are our brothers and sisters too. As a matter of fact, I believe that there is Jesus in every prison, for He says: “I was in prison, and ye came to me” (Matt 25:36).

Prison food can never be as palatable as a mother’s cooking, and indeed one thing any prisoner would interpret as love is a hot, sumptuous meal. The Help the Helpless Charity, the humanitarian wing of  Bishop Dag Heward-Mills’ Ministry understood the assignment, the prison assignment given by Jesus Himself.  Read Also Do not allow the enemy to make you bitter against people. – Duncan Williams.

With this spirit of love and brotherliness, the Help the Helpless Charity has made it a point to visit and donate food to prisoners all around Accra each year. Since its inception in 2008, Help the Helpless celebrates Christmas and Easter with our brothers and sisters in delicious style. Help the Helpless donates a hot pack of Jollof Rice or fried rice with grilled chicken, or a KFC Streetwise 2 Meal, plus a chilled bottle of coca-cola and water to every prisoner in Accra; male, female, guilty, or innocent. Read also Making people fall down and having mighty spiritual manifestations is not the same as walking in love. – Dag Heward – Mills Teaches

A few years after 2008, these outreaches became monthly. Currently, over 700 prisoners in prison cells all over Accra get this special package which most free citizens cannot afford. And it does not end in Accra. Help the Helpless has reached out to prisoners in other nations like La Cote D’Ivoire, Uganda, Liberia, and many more African countries.

Now even Abraham Maslow will confirm the fact that it will be difficult to reform a hungry and cold prisoner. Aside from food donations, Help the Helpless Charity has improved the lives and living conditions of prisoners. Free health screening and clinics have been held for hundreds of prisoners in  Accra. In Uganda, a whole prison facility including toilets and the police station itself was renovated.

It is trite that the best time to show love to someone is when the person is at his worst. God showed us this by dying for us at the time that we were deep in sin. 

What drives Bishop Dag Heward-Mills to reach out and show love to a prisoner whom society believes deserves to be locked up behind bars in a cold, dark cell?

 It can only be love! 

 By Christie S. Johnson

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