Few years into my marriage, someone asked me what I was waiting for not getting pregnant. The question was rampant . But this time I told her . ” Wait till you marry I will give you the answer.

Few years down the line she married and it took some time . I asked back because I have had my breakthrough with child birth. She said am waiting on God . I laughed and said only God has the answers to these questions . Jokingly though.

Sometimes, if you are not in someone’s situation. Refrain from asking questions . Pray more for them if you are worried.

It is easy to talk against people for situations that you have never been through like loosing a spouse or child, not having a partner till 40 yrs, joblessness etc.

If you are not in their shoes , don’t say what you don’t know.

I have seen ladies marry at 40 and had all they wanted when they were 25.

I have seen ladies marry at 20 and never had a child .

Life issues are for God only, ask him if you need answers

We tend to ask people questions that are for God only.

You live people in emotional instability for reminding them of something they pray about daily.

If you are not in the shoe, you won’t know the heat.

Never compare . Life have different Exams papers. Yours cannot be another’s.

Pray for the unmarried
Pray for the childless
Pray for the jobless
Pray for the married

And leave the answers for God .

By Nhyiraba Gifty

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