I JUST REFLECT WHAT I RECEIVE”… You often hear women complaining that their men do not communicate to them as they expect and sometimes men too complain.

To every victim of this circumstance, this is where you are told that you are not needed!
Can someone be bold for once?! In reality, when you need something or someone means a lot to you, you miss them, you preserve them, fight for them,you constantly check up on them to know how well they are doing, you put them far from destruction.

If you are in relationship and you do not put in positive energy nor meet your partner halfway yet demand to be treated nice, I’m sorry, it does not work that way. One reflects exactly what he or she receives.

Stop complaining you are not being treated well! Start treating others how you need them to treat you! One reflects what he receives!

By Akua Ntiwaa .

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