An innovative young Ghanaian is reported to have recently built the first excavator in Africa that operates on water Essilfie Abraham revealed he is studying Automotive engineering at Takoradi Technical Institute in the Western Region of Ghana The exceptional young man shared that he needs support to undertake more projects in the near future Read more: Latest Ghanaian Lawyer Shares her Journey to Successfully Completing Ghana School of Law.

A brilliant Ghanaian student known as Essifie Abraham is reported to be the first African to build an excavator that uses water as a power source. In the video sighted by on a YouTube channel called High Schools Africa, Essilfie, a student of Takoradi Technical Institute, revealed that he used cardboard, rubber tubes and water for his excavator. Read more: Tears as journalist dies 2 days after wedding [Photos]

He shared that there were no wires, batteries, sensors, or cables involved in the manufacturing process. Read more:Video: I Can Use My Parents For Money Ritual – Says Nigerian Man

Abraham was seen operating the fully functional excavator in the video. Read more:

The young technocrat shared that he reads automotive engineering in school. When asked what his greatest desire is, Essilfie said having financial support would propel him to greater heights. Read more: ECG announces two-month power outage in Accra; check out affected areas

A few of the comments have been listed below;

From George Amoah: It will be a shame if the school authorities don’t let the government know this. In Israel such talented children are taken to special school and groomed. The school is great let government know what is going on please.

Bernard Yawson replied: Great TTI . All the best keep it up. One step at a time. From Virtuous Croby: Read more: How To Develop Millionaire Mindset- Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

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