1. MSc. Oil & Gas Management… University of Plymouth, UK.
  2. Executive Course on Oil, Gas & Mining Governance.. Oxford University, UK.
  3. Certificate In Applied Petroleum Economics & Policy, University of Dundee, UK.
  4. Certificate In Gas Sales & Purchase Agreements, University of Dundee, UK.
  5. Bachelor of Law (L LB), University of London, UK.
  6. B.ed Finance, UEW, Ghana.
  7. Dip. Education, Komenda Teacher Training College.

The Wassa enclave hosts a very significant quantity of Ghana’s Gold Deposits.

Out of the 16 Large-Scale Gold Mining Companies in Ghana, the Wassa enclave currently hosts five (5) namely, Goldfields Ghana Ltd, Tarkwa & Aboso, Anglogold Ashanti, Iduapriem, Golden Star, Bogoso Prestea & Wassa. According to 2018 & 2019 Ghana’s Chamber of Mines Mining Industry Performance Report, the above companies produced a total of 40% of total gold produced by Large Scale Mining Companies.

As giants in the Mining Industry, an increase in exploration activities with soaring gold prices shall see higher production in 2020 figures and subsequent years.

The enclave hosts the country’s only Manganese Company.

Also, the Wassa-enclave is the biggest Galamsey Hub in Ghana which includes Tarkwa, Prestea-Huni Valley, and the 3 Amenfi Constituencies.

Going into the 2020 elections, NPP held 3 seats out of 5 unfortunately, NPP lost Prestea-Huni Valley and Amenfi East Seat.

Tarkwa-Nsuaem seat was the only seat retained.

Also, road networks in the enclave is terrible, especially in Tarkwa-Nsuaem where the opposition used the Resource-Curse hypothesis to snatch the seat from the NPP.

As NPP seeks to re-think ways to manage small scale mining in Ghana, the good people of Wassa, Western Region and Ghana at large will benefit very much from the expertise of Hon. George Mireku Duker as a team player at the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources.

In 2018, Hon. Duker earned the accolade Galamsey MP, from the public not for supporting the illegal version of small scale mining, but advocated for regularizing that particular sector.

He earned the love of Galamseyers Across Ghana.

In 2018, he supported the establishment of a pro-government group named Responsible Small Scale Miners Association of Ghana. with the main vision to sensitize small scale miners in the Wassa Enclave (Major Galamsey Hub in Ghana) towards government’s essence of sanctioning the moratorium on small scale mining.

The Association went further to drive small scale miners towards the final directives which gave birth to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining.

This single action of Hon. Duker saved the Tarkwa-Nsuaem seat, though there was dissatisfaction among the small scale miners, they were appreciative of Hon. Duker for understanding their line of work.

Vice Chairman, Energy & Mines Committee, 7th Parliament.

As Vice Chairman for the Parliamentary Select Committee on Mines & Energy in the 7th Parliament, he worked tirelessly to push government business effectively through timely approval of energy and mining related bills and a key voice for the NPP government on matters of Mining, Energy and Petroleum both in Parliament and Public.

Minerals Income Investment Fund

As the first Board Chairperson of the Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF), he has properly led the team which seeks to leverage Ghana’s Mineral resources and push more development in mining catchment communities while raising local players in the Mining Industry of Ghana.

Hon. George Mireku Duker as Minister for Lands & Natural Resources will represent the bigger interest of the Ghana & by extension, the Party,with support to fix all challenges that faced the NPP in loosing seats in mining areas.

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  • Gilbert

    8 months ago / Jan 18 @ 5:48 am

    In nutshell Honourable George Mireku Duker has really proven that his astute leadership role in Mining areas has come to stay for good. As such ministerial position of Land and Natural Resource will harness smooth Galamsey service

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