The Treasurer Position is a fiduciary role – “A Position Of Trust” sensitive enough to demand thorough scrutiny before making a choice. A group throwing their support for Madam Horma stressed at their maiden plenary.

We as an undefeatable team humbly present to you the Western Regional Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party – NPP, Madam Horma Akaisi Miezah. The woman who understands the basic concepts and principles of financial management. They said.

Western Regional NPP Treasurer

They reiterated that, the current western regional treasurer of the New Patriotic Party – NPP is absolutely committed and outstanding in the area of financial management ie, financial accounting (Reporting), management accounting (budgetary control) makes the party and its people her priority with utter transparency her hallmark.

The group furthermore acknowledged her commitment, loyalty, selflessness and hardwork towards the party. They pride themselves that, she thinks out of the box, and appreciates her sense of accuracy, accountability, transparency and reliability. Not to talk of her detailed eye for accuracy

She has set a new standard in the area of the treasurer position by exhibiting sheer competence and authority in her role, making it very difficult to envisage a competitor.
Indeed they have tried, tested and have proved to all party faithfuls her unparalleled qualities in such a sensitive role when they had no stand than to believe in her.

The campaigners of the western regional treasurer also said at their maiden discussion that “She has also made Western Region NPP proud with her undebated financial inept and integrity”.

Story. Media And Publicity Team For W/R NPP Treasurer




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