There is a toddler in every man/woman. Within everyone is the desire for someone to express how much they genuinely love and care about them. A lot of people put on a tough attitude because they don’t want people to take advantage of their weaknesses.Yet they desire for someone who they can share their weakness with , without the fear of condemnation.Read also Akesse Brempong and his wife celebrate 10years of marriage

Most hardened criminals will give up their lifestyles in exchange for a place/person with genuine love for and interest in their well-being.

Samson continued to frequent Delilah’s abode because whereas everyone saw him as a “Leader to Fear” , she saw him as a “Toddler” who needed to be taken care of. Everyone needs someone who can push them to laugh even on their worst days.

Anything you know you will stop don’t start it. – Rev Eastwood Anaba

That is why there are people around every leader that makes you ask “What is their relevance in their life?”.Well, they are the ones that sometimes brings a little sanity into their lives with all the stress that comes with fulfilling their assignment. Become the “hype-man/woman” of your leader or spouse. Quickly move in to make them smile when you perceive they have not been themselves.

In general, learn to show genuine love and interest in the lives of people.

We all need such more than you think, even though we don’t show it. Let the strength and joy of the Holy Spirit flood our hearts and minds. Consider me as your pastor/friend/brother and message me whenever you need someone to speak with you.

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