Twenty-five years ago, the Lord led me to zero in on Dr. Yonggi Cho and caused me to learn from him and get close to him. Read more ”If you want to arise you better avoid the excuses” – Pastor Brian Amoateng Perhaps, that was one of the most important decisions of my life as a pastor. I had decided to become close to the pastor of the largest church in the world after God showed me his ministry to copy and follow.

That association has affected me in more ways than I can think. Travelling to Korea was one of the most important things I ever did. The trip opened me up to Dr Cho, who was the pastor of the largest church in the world at the time. From that first encounter until today, the door for me to fellowship with God’s great servant has been one of great blessing and power. It also opened many doors of ministry for me. Read more Every Christian must examine themselves to see if they are still in the faith. – Duncan Willaims

Dr Cho has been more than a father to me for the most part of my ministry. Through my association with him, my ministry has been shaped and transformed, and for that, I can never forget him and will always honour his profound influence on me. Read also ‘Why You Should Never Marry A Woman Addicted To Prophets’

Dr Cho travelled all the way from Korea to dedicate my first cathedral in Ghana and has always been a great support to me in life and ministry, believing in my calling and work for God in several aspects. Read more A Disrespectful Wife Is Ungrateful – Duncan-Williams

I was blessed to have Dr Cho write the foreword for two of my books and his words have made all the difference to my life and ministry. Thank you for believing in me throughout the years.

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