Madam Alberta Yawson, a resident of New Takoradi, in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis was in tears after some persons allegedly attempted to kidnap her daughter, Judith Yawson at the Hostel of a popular Senior High School in Sekondi.

She was at home when the daughter placed a call to her that an unknown person (a female) is seeking to spend a night at her hostel.

The mother became alarmed and asked her daughter never to allow any stranger into her hostel. The following day, the said unknown person showed up at the hostel of Judith and decided to pick her up.

Judith then realized they were more than two in the vehicle and that caused her to place another call to the mother. She was scared because Sekondi-Takoradi has recently been in the news for several kidnapping cases.

The mother arranged and decided to uncover the unknown persons, as they were trying to get the girl into the car, the mother raised alarm and many persons got to the scene.

Even before the incident, the unknown lady and her gang had communicated to the Senior High School students that they had just returned from outside the country and wanted to take her along. The SHS Girl, Judith Yawson, who claimed no knowledge about the unknown lady and her group became alarmed.

This is because none of the people who were occupying the vehicle was familiar with the area. She refused to accompany them and residents in the area came to her rescue.

They later realized that it was a kidnap attempt but the SHS girl and her mother were smart. The lady and her two male accomplices were quickly arrested and sent to the Sekondi Police Station where officers have taken over the matter.

The latest information indicates that the suspects have been transferred to the central police station in Takoradi for further investigations.

The traumatized mother of the SHS girl, Madam Alberta Yawson who narrated the story in an interview with Skyy Power 93.5 FM indicated that she was alarmed because the lady claimed that she knows her daughter which is never true.

The daughter on the other hand has denied knowledge of the lady and her accomplices so she suspects they wanted to kidnap her daughter if they had not reacted quickly. The police are currently investigating the issue but this is coming at a time when a kidnapping case has been investigated and the police have realized it was staged.

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