On Thursday, 19th August 2021, I attended the Conference of Heads of Basic Schools at St. Mary’s Boys SHS, Apowa in the Ahanta West Municipality.

The Conference brought members together to deliberate on issues which bothers on basic education. As Heads, I called on them to ensure good teacher behaviour and attitude toward teaching.

I submitted to the Heads to promote innovation by engendering new goal setting and also harness all the opportunities available to meet the changing trends or dynamics in education.

I stressed that as education had remained the very single most important tool for development, Heads of basic schools must ensure quality of teaching, idea sharing and deployment of feasible strategies to enhance and/or improve our education.

I once again submitted that, effective and efficient management of resources i.e., personnel, logistics, finances and instructional time are the essential administrative responsibilities of Head Teachers in the basic schools therefore, they must ensure excellence in their management.

I lastly, urged them to ensure practical and activity-based teaching in the schools to help the students understand the various subjects being taught.

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