On Wednesday, 29th September 2021, I had the opportunity to speak at the “Time with the Securities and Exchange Commission Ghana” event in Takoradi. In line with the theme, “Understanding the role of Securities and Exchange Commission on the Capital Market”,

I shared my views on the need for the regulator to continue championing the “Integrity and Good Corporate Governance” in order to sustain investor confidence.

As the capital market is the avenue for the acquisition of medium and long-term funds for government and the private sector businesses and projects, I urged SEC to continue its education on the financial instruments (investment products), ensuring that the nuances of the primary and secondary markets are understood for the benefit of all potential investors including the public.

I held the view that, the education on the risk element associated with the capital market and investment in general needs to be thoroughly understood to enable transparency and accountable capital market operations.

I made it clear that our mission to make the Western Region a model Region resonates with the mandate of SEC. That, the future belongs to the Youth. As such, innovative products targeted at them will boost private sector participation.

Hon. Kobby Okyere Darko-Mensah, Western Regional Minister and MP for Takoradi Constituency.

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