On the occasion of founders’ day Celebration, The Western Regional Coordinating Council under the auspices of the Hon. Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah , took time to recognize stakeholders in the Private Sector in the various District, Municipal and Metropolis.

Making Reference to the Jomoro Municipality, Osagyefo Attiah Kwaw, was recognize as a major stakeholder in the the Private Sector in the Jomoro Municipality.

Osagyefo Attiah Kwaw, is the Chief Executive Officer,CEO of the ANAK Group of Companies , which harbours several companies like ANAK Coconut,ANAK Transport Services, ANAK Virgin Oil, ANAK Gas, Xtra Gas, Xtra Consultancy and others.

Osagyefo Attiah Kwaw’s ANAK Coconut ,is the largest Exporter, Processor and Transporter of Coconut in Ghana. Osagyefo Kwaw Attiah has been one of the proactive young gentlemen in politics who always sees the interest of the Youth as his top most priority.

He was the Western Regional V20 Coordinator for the New Patriotic Party and performed excellently well in order to win power for the ruling party.

Congratulations Osagyefo Attiah Kwaw, for being a positive inspiration to the youths in our region.

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