When you pray, don’t just pray for a ‘life partner’. There are some partners who just ‘exist’ in your life. They will add no meaning to your life. No value!! Actually, they will make your life miserable.

It’s a tough one. *Dear one,* When you pray,
Don’t just pray for a ‘*supportive life partner*’ smh.

There are Two types of ‘supportive’ partners. *The First One*, They will stand behind and watch you struggle.
They will not interfere.
They will not lift a finger to help you!
No!! They will sit back and watch you do all the hard work, while they have fun with others (cheating on you and blaming you for it). But as soon as you strike Gold.

As soon as you achieve something…. As soon as you succeed.. When you are about to be celebrated.. They will jump beside you (you won’t even see them coming) as if they have always been there, by your side. *The Second One*….. Oh May God bless them!!! They will be by your side through out the journey.

Helping you, encouraging you, investing in you (emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially etc).. They will be part of your journey, which ever way possible!!! They will hold your hand, literally
They will defend you.

And when you strike Gold, they will be there, standing beside you, applauding the loudest, with pride!!! Deservedly so, because they have been there with you all along.

*Dear one,* When you pray for a life partner, pray for the *Second one*. A ride or die life partner!!!! Someone who truly believes in you, by deed and by words!!! #MyBrokeness.

By Oheneyere Gifty Anti

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