International payment service, WorldRemit is cautioning Ghanaians to be wary of fraudulent individuals who are using its name to scam unsuspecting customers of their hard-earned monies.

This comes after the October 13 press release by the Bank of Ghana.

Ghanaians are hereby urged to note that the fraudulent scheme which operates under the pseudonyms “Worldremit” and/or “World Remit” is distinct from the globally renowned Fintech “WorldRemit” which is in the business of international fund transfers.

The company, in their Ghana Security Statement, has pointed out some features to help its customers distinguish the company from the scammers.

We aim to be ever-vigilant in our approach to cybersecurity and fraud prevention measures, and do our best to shut down these sorts of attempts when we see them,” the company said in the Ghana Security Statement.

WorldRemit says it is taking the following steps to minimise the impact of fraudsters:

1. Educate our customers on security measures, including our most recently published Security Guide, which you can find online here:
2. Report and remove fraudulent accounts that are active on the various social media sites where we operate
3. Only ever use secure connections through our website and app, which use a bespoke, in-house machine learning model to protect against fraud
4. Utilise a bounty programme which pays white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities in our system to then be patched and secured immediately
5. Implement next-generation antivirus to keep our system secure from any fraudulent attempts to access our systems internally
6. Adhering to PCIDSS compliance to protect all cardholder data.

On the part of customers, WorldRemit is urging the audience in Ghana to adhere to the following:

  1. Check that they are visiting our official website (you will see a secure lock pad in the browser window next to our URL).
  2. Check that you are downloading our official WorldRemit app before making any transactions. We will never ask for your personal details over our social media sites in a public forum, such as full name, address or bank details. We take your safety very seriously and request that if you do see any instances of people acting fraudulently that you join us in reporting them on whichever channel they appear.

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