– A young man showed that he is not ashamed of celebrating his mother’s sacrifices for him anywhere as he kneeled in a marketplace – Still in his graduation gown, Edward honoured his mother on the bare floor without minding the dirt – Many people said that his action will even make him succeed more in the future because of the humility he showed

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A young man, Edward, acknowledged his mother’s sacrifices as he made a great public show of his appreciation in the market. A LinkedIn user, Ayodeji Odeyele, who shared photos of the man and his mother, revealed that he went straight on both knees in his graduation gown. Read Also – Caregiver Caught on CCTV Killing 11-Month-old baby with food; sad Video Drops

He got more blessings In one of the snaps, the mother placed her hand on his head in a manner that suggested she was praying for him. While no one knows if the mother is a trader in the market, the boy kneeled amid plates of potatoes and bunches of banana. Read Also – Twene Jonas: Why US-based Ghanaian has been trending on social media

Many people who commented on the photos were wowed by the graduate’s action as some said he has indeed done well. Read Also – Duncan-Williams speaks about his ring as an archbishop

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